Pass on our passion


Horse and double-pony riding lessons

The group lessons are for all riders who want to practice their favorite sport with the goal of evolving at their own pace while enjoying the friendliness taht a group offers.

Private lessons allow the establishment of a privileged relationship with the monitor and a faster progression.


The baby pony is a fun and educational activity and especially a great motor of autonomy. The contact with nature and the relationship with the pony will allow the child to flourish with pride. We offer a 1/2 hour course with slaloms and other small games. The pony will then be unsealed by us so that the child can take care of the pony through brushing and cuddling of course. Proposed from 2 years, with the accompaniment of the parents.


Discover all our hourse rinding courses for adultes or children.

I contact with professional and passionate coaches you can initiate or perfect ine th equestrian discipline of your choice :

  • Hose training
  • Obstacle
  • Examination of Galop from 1 à 7
  • Preparation for competition


We offer 36 boarding places, horses have at their disposal large paddocks of about 1500 m² with shelter Bomaco meadows. Each horse has a shelter of 3×3 meters with its manger and its personal rack. The paddocks have an automatic waterer that ensures constant freshness, quantity and quality of water.

A presence day and night 24H / 24H is provided 365 days a year.

The diet is traditional and consists of hay, it is adapted to each horse. Granules or other food is extra.

At your disposal :

  • A tack room with refrigerator
  • A specific area for showering horses 
  • A round of lanyard 16 meters in diameter 
  • A training career. Size 22 x 62 meters

Some club horses are also available with half board. This includes a collective lessons + horse court available twice a week.